Beepampered Wholistically – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

Helping people to DE-stress for a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle naturally, wholistically, one foot, hand, ear at a time, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sustainable Integrative wellness

Essential Healing with Abbas Makki *

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Demanding World - De-stress - Beepampered

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Sustainable and Wholistic Health!

Two of my favorite companies around that are dedicated to clean living are below.

Amazon Herb Co. is committed to a positive sustainable future for the Rain Forest and all its inhabitants

How often do you connect with a company that is committed to your personal health and lifestyle goals? A company that honors nature and indigenous culture? A company that lives a successful model of ecological prosperity every day… and is the best at what they do?

We are that company. We are your partner in wellness, in realizing your dreams and in fostering planetary balance. Over 13 years of experience in Amazonian botanicals have made us a leader in superior rainforest nutrition.

Our tested and proven herbal formulas can make a difference in your life. Together, we can make a difference in the world. More Than A Company. A Way of Being in the World

Take action for your better world today. become part of the crusade now. Visit:

AMAZON HERB CO. call 561-575-7663 > give ID # 19068

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS (PURE GRADE “A” THERAPEUTIC) > call 800-371-2928 > give code # 295024

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Reflexology and Natural solutions

My Reflexology Club is about helping people to destress in their hectic and fast paced lives through my nurturing touch (especially in New York, we all need it). Reflexology is the natural and ultimate relaxation therapy so one can achieve healthy and balanced needs. You need it, we all do. So be good to your feet and take care of yourself…..Only REFLEXOLOGY and other healing aspects are allowed in group. All other will be deleted. Thanks! For Raindrop Therapy check out club link:

My Raindrop Therapy Club.

NOTE – your profile must disclose your age over 21 and content must be related to reflexology and healing in order to be a member.

Be Well.

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