Beepampered Wholistically – Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

Helping people to DE-stress for a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle naturally, wholistically, one foot, hand, ear at a time, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


“Your health is your No. 1 priority”,  my wise parents always engrained in me as a child. Having been into health and prevention all my life – healing has been a natural progression.

Mr. Makki has been sharing and educating the public on reflexology  and other healing arts as a holistic health and wellness modality for many years. Mr. Makki is blessed to be a part of this ancient, non-invasive and caring healing arts, focusing on- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing intuitively and as a whole.

Abbas  Makki offers wholistic healing services and self help classes in New York City and Hawaii for those health oriented individuals interested in taking care of themselves and others.

Abbas Makki’s Healing supports vital Ki (life force) and prana (energy)  – addressing the spiritual, emotional, mental and emotional aspects of healing, and in return helping to dis-ease stress pattern on our bodies promoting a healthier balance within our internal ecosystem.

My goal as always: Helping people from all walks of life to de-stress for a longer, healthier and happier life by integrating  my therapeutic and effective wholistic skills to those who care about managing pain from acute & chronic ailments, including HIV,  sciatica to name a few, stress and body tension, and improving the quality of lives for greater health and wellness, one foot at a time, one soul at a time since 1998,  physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sustainably.

Abbas Makki, NBCR, CMR

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44 East 32nd street, 11 fl.

New York, New York

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About the practice:

Abbas Makki’s Beepampered with Made by Nature is your  unique link and source to wholsitic alternative and integrative wellness in NYC as well as Hawaii Metro; specializing in relieving symptoms(from A to Z: including HIV, sciatic, musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory and endocrine concerns, to state a few.)  naturally with reflexology, raindrop and vita flex therapy techniques and therapeutic grade essential oils with his innately nurturing touch and sensitive caring hands plus empowering the world to learn and educate themselves on the benefits of using organic and green, sustainable and earth friendly products,  for example; Young Living Essential OilsAmazonherb and madebynature, respectively.

Mr. Makki is a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist Certified Master Reflexologist and a [W]holistic practitioner for  almost 15 years.

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