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Dear fellow brothers and sisters. I am so excited that to be an associate with amazon rainforest herb company – check out the benefits from ancient’s wisdom today FEEL BETTER ALIVE! MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN THE WORLD. Each person who becomes involved in Amazon Herb Co.’s ZAMU™ opportunity knows they are sharing good health, creating prosperity, and supporting a sustainable future for the planet. http://madebynature.amazonherb.net/Zamu_Why_Now.aspx Camu Camu Zamu and Healing Rainforest Herbs | Amazon Herb Company – Abbas Makki has been making a difference with his non invasive, eco friendly and wholistic healing for over 15 years. Do something worthwhile. S.O.S (Save our Sphere)! It concerns me that there is so much waste and everyone is in a hurry to consume and ingest harmful material  and pay for it dearly when the other sustainable alternative is being presented and available to heal each person if they chose to accept to take action to better themselves. It is a no brainer “to help maintain our planet’s precious resources in order to sustain a life on this one earth”.  Let our common goal be the same and join in for the future of the world for a peaceful environment. http://savingtheamazon.com/ WATCH the tube: My buddy – the certified healthnut on the tube. amazon herb company

associate # 272482 Phone: 800-835-0850 / (EU: + 31 (0) 50 210 3018) Phone: 561-575-7663

Amazon Rainforest Globe

Reflexology aka zone therapy for feet, hands and earsAppointmentACUTEPrepaid package of 5 GET 6th FREE.CHRONICPrepaid package of 10: SAVE $$$ Old_reflexology image

Raindrop Technique aka needle-less acupunctureAppointmentACUTEPrepaid package of 5 GET 6th FREE


Prepaid package of 10: SAVE $$$

  • Body spine and structural alignment
  • Delivery of therapeutic essential oils into the body – more effective than acupuncture
  • Enhanced well being
  • Cell oxygenation and regenration
  • Helps rid of toxins or bacteria lodged within the body
  • Boost to the immune system
  • Reduces stress, relieves back pain and tension
  • Highly relaxing
Vita Flex Technique aka Tibetan reflexologyAppointmentACUTEPrepaid package of 5 GET 6th FREECHRONICPrepaid package of 10: SAVE $$$
Grade “A” Therapeutic Essential Oils Young Living Essential Oils – Highest certified organic oils that assimilates with our bodies, emotions, mental and spirit. Be a part of your business with YLEO retail/wholesale/ contact the # to the right, give code. Research Shows “Grade A” Therapeutic AROMA THERAPY:

  • ‣Reduces Bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors
  • ‣Relax the mind and body, relieve tension, and clear the mind
  • ‣Helps with weight management
  • ‣Improves mental alertness and clarity
  • ‣Stimulate neurotransmitters and secretion of endorphins and growth hormones production and receptivity
  • ‣Improves the secretion of IgA antibodies   that fight candida
  • ‣Improves digestion function and hormonal balance
  • ‣Relieves headaches and dispels odor
  • Essential Science Publishing
Young Living Member Number 295024CALL 800-371-2928GIVE code # 295024

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